Deam Hansen

Full-Stack Developer


I'm a self-taught web developer, highly motivated individual, with 4 years of experience. I have a passion for web development, design and new web technologies. Currently contributing to the Open Source community and also building Ethereum DApps.


  • Danish
  • English
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Next.js
  • Webpack
  • GraphQL
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Solidity
  • Docker
  • Firebase
  • Git
  • Continuous Integration
  • Testing
  • Styled-components
  • Figma

Work Experience

Aragon Black

Frontend Developer | Apr, 2019 – Jan, 2020

Aragon Black is the third full-team of the Aragon project taking part in its fight for freedom and full decentralization.

Aragon Black is the banner below which the Pando team has gathered to continue developing a decentralized VCS enabling coordination and the rise of new collaborative projects, to carry the Aragon manifesto’s values and finally to help in creating Aragon applications allowing human autonomy.


Frontend Developer | Nov, 2018 – Jan, 2020

Pando is a remote protocol for git repositories enforcing DAO-based versioning, contribution tracking and governance. It is built on top of IPFS, ethereum and aragonOS.


Full Stack Developer | Mar, 2018 – Dec, 2018

Giveth is a non-profit organisation in the Ethereum space that is trying to build a transparent donation platform for Decentralized Altruistic Communities. I've been contributing to the projects listed below.

  • Wall of Fame - I contributed to the initial version but then later rewrote everything from scratch using React, Next.js, styled-components and Firebase. It now uses MetaMask to authenticate users and is live here.
  • Giveth Riot Bot - I created this Matrix/Riot bot which is written in Javascript. The bot acted as a point system in the first iteration but expanded to be a chatbot aswell.
  • Giveth DApp - This is Giveth's main application. I've been contributing to the frontend part which is written in React.

Aragon Planning Suite

Frontend Developer | Jun, 2018 – Oct, 2018

"A suite of aragonOS apps that includes allocation, range voting, issue curation, and other planning tools so DAOs can collectively budget and design custom reward & bounty systems." - This project is a collaboration between people from Giveth and Space Decentral.


Full Stack Developer | Jul, 2018 – Oct, 2018

A website that curates signals which can be used to get an overview of the overall Ethereum community and its health. I've written everything from scratch using React, styled-components and Next.js.


Full Stack Developer | Sep, 2017 – Dec, 2017

- David Kofoed Wind (CEO of Peergrade)

"I worked with Deam at Peergrade where he was a full-stack developer working as part of our product team. Deam worked on introducing a range of new features into our React-based app, both in the back-end and in the front-end. He worked as a part of a team and participated in defining and developing features, testing, optimizing and refactoring. Deam was easy to communicate with, a fast and efficient learner and overall a very talented developer."

Open Source


Screenshot websites as a Service

Free and Open Source API service for screenshotting websites. I also released it on ProductHunt and it accumulated over 200 upvotes.

Use Crypto

A list of resources where you can spend your ETH, DAI etc.

This is just a fun project I did doing Hacktoberfest. It's built using GatsbyJS as a framework.


Lightweight state management for React and Inferno

This project is one of my proudest and also reaches above 100 stars on Github. It's an alternative to Redux and provides a very simple interface for React state management. I've written an introductory blog post about how it works but check out its Github page for more.

Typescript transformers

Various transpilation targets